Israeli Demographics

The total fertility rate in the country’s ultra-Orthodox community has dropped sharply in the past several years, e.g. in the Haredi community of Beitar Illit, it dropped from 8.9 children per woman in 2001 to 7.7 children in 2006, a decrease of 13.5 percent. A drop was seen in the Bedouin rate as well. These occurred at the same time as a reduction of government child allowances. (Haaretz)

-And Nehemia Shtrasler says that this disputes the assertion that the Haredim “decide how many children to have solely based on religious law and social pressure, disregarding economic limitations.� (Haaretz)

-272,300 Israelis, mostly Jews, moved away from Jerusalem between 1990 and 2006, but only 170,000 Israelis replaced them. (The Jerusalem Post)

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