The non-Orthodox in Israel

-A conference in Israel looks at the Reform Movement’s failure to make significant inroads in Israeli society. (The Jerusalem Post)

-Rabbi Barry Schlesinger, president of the Masorti  Movement’s Rabbinic Assembly, on some affinities that Masorti has with modern Orthodoxy in Israel. (The Jerusalem Post)

-Masorti in Israel is looking at the question of how important gender equality in a religious context is to Israelis. (Ynet)

-35 year old Congregation Ramot Zion, one of Masorti’s flagship institutions, finally hires a rabbi, a woman who is “a home-grown product of the Israeli Masorti movement and in many ways, the face of the movement’s new generationâ€? and who will have to faces changes in Jerusalem’s French Hill’s neighborhood. (Haaretz)

-Rabbi Dov Lior, chief rabbi of the West Bank town Kiryat Arba, has issued an edict mandating that Jewish scribes should not sell Torah scrolls, tefilin or mezuzahs to Reform Jews. (Ynet)

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