The Feminist Moment of Truth (& More)

-With Ms. Magazine rejecting an ad celebrating three Israeli women leaders, Phyllis Chesler accuses “This is a feminism that has been utterly Palestinianized,� and Francine Klagsbrun, has termed this a “feminist moment of truth.� (The Jewish Week)

-And Andrew Silow-Carroll gives his take on the real reason the ad was rejected, and what is says about priorities at the magazine. (NJ Jewish News)

-Israel’s new TECSAR reconnaissance satellite, “an expression of the growing cooperation between Israel and India in the security sphere,� is said to give Israel “an important further intelligence advantage over its rivals.� (Haaretz)

-Rabbi David Seidenberg asserts that JNF-North America “is circumventing the Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael (the JNF in Israel) by funneling funds raised here through an organization called T’nuat Or that is partnering with the state of Israel to destroy the Negev and Bedouin communities through a Jews-only development plan called “Blueprint Negev.”â€?  He suggests giving money directly to KKL. (Neohasid)

Is Hizbullah leader Nasrallah distressed, desperate and flailing about for the right stance? (Ynet)

-And what would happen if Israel did try to kill him? (The Jerusalem Post)

-An extensive look at “Hannah Arendt on Palestine and Jewish Politics,� including many quotes and footnotes. (New Left Review)

-Making the case for Jonathan Pollard’s imprisonment to end. (The Jerusalem Post)

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