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What is it about Barbra?

Jewish Women’s Archive celebrates mega-star Barbra Streisand’s 1963 Broadway debut in This Week in History: 

Streisand has changed the face of the female movie star. Never afraid to be emphatically Jewish and herself, she has opened the door to other actresses who look more ethnic than the Hollywood mainstream. She has also challenged Hollywood’s gender norms, directing three of her own movies, and insisting on total control of all her projects.

Barbra’s also sold more albums than anybody except the Beatles. Which might have earned her the right to sit in her big house and count her money.

But not our Barbra–she’s shared her good fortune.

Saying that “I have enough money, thank God, and the only reason I want it is to give it away,” Streisand has been generous to a variety of causes. Through the Streisand Foundation, she has supported Jewish charities in the U.S. and in Israel, environmental projects, AIDS education and care, and Democratic politicians.

Barbra, darling, we love you.

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