Lesli Koppelman Ross

Shavuot in Medieval Times

Historical events and the development of mysticism leave their mark on this festival.

Tashlich, the Symbolic Casting Off of Sins

A Rosh Hashanah ritual for the whole family.

The Fast of Esther

The fast that precedes the holiday of Purim.

The Fast of the First Born

This pre-Passover fast applies to a select few.

Shabbat Hazon & Shabbat Nahamu

The Sabbaths before and after Tisha B'Av provide a message of comfort and consolation.

How the Holocaust Challenged Faith

This singular event presented profound theological challenges--and for some, shattered their belief in God.

Finding Meaning After the Holocaust

Responding to the challenge of faith in a post-Holocaust world.

Yom Ha’atzmaut Liturgy

Religious observance of Yom Ha'atzmaut draw on a variety of Jewish customs.

Shavuot in Modern Times

New ceremonies and rituals are introduced.

Special Challot

The bread traditionally associated with Shabbat may look different on Shavuot.