Jewish History 1914 - 1948

America and the Holocaust

Where were the United States government and the American Jewish community during the destruction of European Jewry?

One Voice Speaks for Six Million

The uses and abuses of Anne Frank's diary.

The Diary of Anne Frank

The controversy over Anne Frank's legacy.

Who Was Anne Frank?

The story of the young diarist who became a symbol of the Holocaust.

Jerusalem Contested

The Holy City changed hands many times before the War of Independence.

American Jews Between the Wars

The character of the American Jewish community changed, as a nation of immigrants Americanized.

Simon Wiesenthal (1908-2005)

Bringing Nazis to justice.

American Zionism Finds Its Voice

Reconciling American identity with support for a Jewish homeland

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

When the Rosenbergs were charged with spying, American Jews feared an anti-Semitic backlash.

Emma Goldman

A profile of the anarchist and lifelong advocate for social justice.