Israeli History Quiz

Since its birth in 1948, Israel has had a busy history, dotted with wars and peace treaties. How much do you know about the history of Zionism and the Jewish state?

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Qustion 1. Where did David Ben-Gurion move upon his retirement?

Tel Aviv Eilat New York Kibbutz Sde Boker

Qustion 2. In 1973, Egypt and Syria attacked Israel on what Jewish holiday?

Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur Sukkot Hanukkah

Qustion 3. Who shot Yitzhak Rabin?

Yigal Amir Levi Eshkol Meir Kahane Baruch Goldstein

Qustion 4. Which medieval commentator attempted to use astrology to prove that the Land of Israel was distinct from other lands?

Abraham Ibn Ezra Nahmanides Maimonides Rashi

Qustion 5. How long was Israel's war in 1967?

Just under a month Just under a week On and off for a couple months Three days

Qustion 6. In 1988, whose party was banned from Israeli elections for inciting racism?

El Sayyid Nosair Meir Kahane Baruch Goldstein Yasser Arafat

Qustion 7. What world leader famously said the words "Shalom, Chaver" at Yitzhak Rabin's funeral?

Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Yasser Arafat Jimmy Carter

Qustion 8. Adolph Eichmann was captured in what city?

Berlin Buenos Aires Sydney Hong Kong

Qustion 9. "I have come bearing an olive branch and a freedom fighter's gun. Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand." Where did Yasser Arafat make this famous statement?

UN General Assembly Camp David European Union Knesset

Qustion 10. According to Abraham Isaac Kook, even secular forms of Zionism hasten what?

The Messiah The apocalyptic end of days All Jews' return to the traditional fold All of these
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