Perspectives on Jerusalem

-Jason Eskenazi came to Jerusalem with 26 point & shoot cameras and over 250 rolls of film, and a plan to have Jewish and Muslim children photograph their own city. “In the end all the kids were brought together just by being in the same project seeing Jerusalem from two vantage points.� (Kids With Cameras)

-A small Jewish neighborhood of 300 housing units is planned for Kidmat Zion, on Jewish-owned land within the part of the Arab village of Abu Dis that is inside the Jerusalem city limits (90% of Abu Dis is outside Jerusalem). Shas is insisting that this project be unfrozen. (Haaretz)

-Jerusalem has had no chief rabbi since 2003, when both its chief Sephardi and Ashkenazi rabbis died. A look at the political aspects of a possible new rabbi. (Haaretz)

-It’s now possible to take a video tour of the “permitted areas� of the Temple Mount. Article includes links to the tour, in three parts.

-An accounting of the Nazi past of Jerusalem’s “German colony� neighborhood. (Haaretz)

-After 40 years of control, Israel is now registering Jewish-owned property in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter (approximately 40 acres) as such. And it’s a complex process, in part because it has undergone massive restoration and renovation, much of it illegal, and because ownership structures are complicated. (Haaretz)


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