Negotiating Peace

Reviewing the efforts of Carter, Jerome M. Segal argues that while “Hamas has indeed said it will never recognize Israel, nor give up on the right of return�, there is plenty to work with here for hammering out an arrangement, since “if Hamas is saying it will accept a ratified treaty as binding law, that is a very big deal. “ (Haaretz)

Zvi Bar’el wants us “to recognize now that a long-term cease-fire cannot coexist peaceably with the policy of sanctions Israel imposes on Gaza.� (Haaretz)

Former defense minister Amir Peretz backs direct negotiations with Hamas and freeing jailed Fatah leader Marwan Baghouti. (Jerusalem Post)

Daniella Peled says that what a Syria-Israel deal would consist of has long been known, but what is lacking is the will to get it done. (Jewish Chronicle)

Is Israel “edging toward ‘silent acceptance’ of a truceâ€? in Gaza? (Jerusalem Post)

Akiva Eldar argues that “talk of an alleged breakthrough in the attempts to renew negotiations between Jerusalem and Damascus are nothing more than camouflage for a major setback in Israel’s talks with the Palestinians.â€? (Haaretz)

Herb Keinon looks at the question of why is it that, just now, Olmert is so interested in negotiating with Syria? (Jerusalem Post)


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