Not the Jewish James Bond: Parenting in Unchartered Waters

I remember the exact moment when I realized I’d never be the Jewish James Bond.

It was right after our son was born four years ago. We were still in my wife’s hospital room, and I thought to myself: “well, there goes the globe-trotting, the international intrigue, the fast cars, and the faster women.”

Instead it was diapers, daycare, and, now — four years later — answering the question “why?” 14 jillion times a day.

It was a bittersweet moment. Still, I have no regrets. Yes, it’s true, moviegoers will not get to see me defeat the evil villain with my AnxietyGuntm (yes, I trademarked that, because you never know), or speed-walk my way through a crowd of pedestrians (not for any reason other than just generally being anxious), or go to my favorite watering hole and order a “double-espresso, not shaken and not stirred, and for Pete’s sake not allowed to cool down to room temperature”). On the other hand, I’m a dad of an awesome 4-year-old, who right this very moment is pretending to sleep because he thinks I haven’t seen that trick before.

Along the way, a lot of changes have happened in our life. The bags under my eyes are now big enough that I can no longer stow them in the overheard compartment on the plane. As well, my wife and I are no longer what you’d call “vibrant” individuals. We’re more like what you’d expect if potted plants could be nervous about paying bills – sort of boring and anxious all at the same time. And, let’s not forget that I began my podcast – Multiracial Family Man  – to talk about the issues that our family and others like us were encountering.

Yes, we’re a multiracial Jewish family, which is not as unusual as it seems unless, like so many Ashkenazic Jewish people, you think Jewish people only come in one flavor, “White Neurotic.”

People found our family blend fascinating. So fascinating that I felt compelled to talk about it onstage in my comedy act and to write about it for magazines and blogs. The more I did, the more I thought it would be fascinating to talk with others like us and examine their experiences.

Posted on October 12, 2015

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