Israeli Food Quiz

Can you tell your hummus from your shakshuka?


Shabbat Quiz

It comes every Friday night with its own set of rules, special songs, and foods. How much do you know ...


Bible Quiz

How much do you know about the contents of the Bible and about biblical scholarship?

Passover Quiz

On prophets, pilgrimages and more.

Ancient and Medieval History Quiz

How much do you know about the main Jewish figures and events, from the Bible to the dawn of modernity?

Lag Ba’Omer Quiz

Test your knowledge of this minor Jewish holiday!

What Ritual Object Goes With Which Holiday?

Match the ritual object to its corresponding holiday.

Jewish Fall Holidays

For Jews, holiday season falls out in autumn. How much do you know about the Jewish fall holidays?

Purim Quiz

Cookies, costumes, and booze? What’s the deal with this crazy holiday, anyway?

Rosh Hashanah Quiz

Do you know how to celebrate the Jewish New Year?

Yom Kippur Quiz

It’s known as the holiest day of the year, so what’s the deal with Yom Kippur?

Sephardic Judaism Quiz

Sephardic Jews have a rich history, and over time they have developed their own traditions, customs, and laws.

Sukkot Quiz

How much do you know about this fall holiday?

Bible Characters Quiz

Heroes, villains, prophets and problem children, we've got 'em all. Test your knowledge of them.

Who is a Jew Quiz

How much do you know about the spectrum of Jewish identity?