Quiz: Ceremonies for Newborns

How much do you know about welcoming baby boys and girls into the covenant?

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, Judaism has some rituals in place for how to properly welcome your little one into the world. How much do you know about these traditions?

Question 1 of 6
True or false: Many Jewish parents give their child a secular name and a Hebrew name.
Question 2 of 6
Pidyon Haben, a ceremony that represents redemption, is traditionally performed on:
Question 3 of 6
Which of the following are names for the welcoming ceremony for baby girls?
Question 4 of 6
What is the title of the person who holds the baby during the bris?
Question 5 of 6
Which Jews have the custom of naming a baby after deceased family members?
Question 6 of 6
What does the Hebrew word brit mean?

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