Jews Around the Globe

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Sephardic Jews

The Sephardic Exodus to the Ottoman Empire

How Jews fleeing Spain and Portugal transformed the region.

Sephardic Jews

Israel’s Vibrant Jewish Ethnic Mix

Just because Israel is a Jewish country doesn't mean all Jews are the same.


Sephardic Judaism Quiz

Sephardic Jews have a rich history, and over time they have developed their own traditions, customs, and laws.

Mizrahim in Israel

Jews from Arab lands are gaining more and more influence in Israeli society.

Women in Ethiopian Society

Women in the Beta Israel in Ethiopian society are mainly domestic and have strict purity laws.

Russian Immigrants in Israel

Challenges encountered by these women in their new society.

Types of Jews

The many ethnic and religious subgroups within the Jewish community.

The History of Ethiopian Jewry

Piecing together legends and stories.

Mimouna: A Post-Passover Celebration

An exuberant Sephardic custom whose origins are the subject of debate

Kosher McDonalds and Jewish Cowboys

In 1850 two men found themselves standing under a tree near the famous Recoleta Cemetery in the center of Buenos ...

The Iraqi Jewish Archive

The Iraqi Jewish Archive, as it became known, is both proud and pitiful.

The Jews of India

A history of the Baghdadi Jews—who actually lived in India, not Baghdad.

India’s Bene Israel Jews

The oldest and largest of the three Jewish communities in India.

The Cochin Jews Of Kerala

A small Jewish community in India.

Little Moscow on the Bay

The Radical Jewish Traveler goes to a San Francisco retreat for young Soviet Jewish immigrants.