Taking shmita to a new level

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Yesterday New Jersey officials confirmed that a swastika covering several acres was cut into a field in Washington Township. Police found the swastika, hand cut in a corn field, while doing a routine helicopter mission over the area.


Perhaps one of the most bizare aspects of the case:

The on-duty sergeant for the Washington Township Police confirmed this is the third cornfield swastika to show up in this area off Hankins Road near U.S. Route 130. The first was in 1998 and much smaller. Then In 1999 a larger one was found. Those

Why haven’t there been any incidences in the past eight years? Apparently the field was instead being used to grow soybeans, which don’t grow as tall.

Posted on September 25, 2007

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One thought on “Taking shmita to a new level

  1. Serge Vascau

    Hard to tell if it is a genuine “crop design” but one thing is for sure, soon or later an intricate genuine crop circle with a swastika and even intertwined with a “star of David” will appear somewhere in England or anywhere else. Because the swastika is also part of the Jewish heritage. Many documents shows Hebrew swastika from the medieval times and some mosaics 2 or 3000 years old in synagogues. This is the reason why the Jewish people shouldn’t get offended by the sight of a swastika, if you go anywhere in Asia you will see it absolutely everywhere, so perhaps it is time to rehabilitate a symbol which has been stolen by the Nazi regime, and which meaning was all the opposite of hatred and racism, but love, peace and good luck.

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