How to Get Fired in Hollywood/Paris

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Admitting anti-Semitism is not a good career move. Unless, I guess, you work in early 1940s Germany, or maybe contemporary Iran. But let’s imagine you’re a big famous movie/TV star, making tons and tons of money and generally getting away with all kinds insanity. You can be crazy and keep your job. You can be stupid and keep your job. You can be bad at your job and keep you job. But you can’t be anti-Semitic.

You’d think someone who believes in the whole Elders of Zion thing would also imagine (in this case correctly) that Jews might not want to employ someone who is openly a Jew-hater. But somehow, time and time again, big important people make mistake after public mistake, and no one seems to care. But when they insult the Jews, that’s when things go South fast. See: Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen (okay Jeremy, I agree he wasn’t explicitly anti-Semitic, but I do think his comments were bordering on it, and in any case, it was an incoherent point about Judaism, which is a bad idea), Jesse James. And the same goes for you, John Galliano.

So here’s a tip: want to keep your awesome job? Keep your Jew-hating to yourself.

Posted on March 1, 2011

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3 thoughts on “How to Get Fired in Hollywood/Paris

  1. Hazel

    Jews are God’s chosen people!! A beautiful race of people that
    I respect and love. God bless and watch over them.!!

  2. martin haber

    The writer’s suggestion “to keep your anti=semitic feelings to your self” is, at best, an ineffectual idea. Allowing loud-mouths to sound off just diminishes their effectiveness. In the end, they expose their own falibility and they lose whatever creditability they may have achieved prior to their outburst.

  3. Orrin

    You can be “anti-Zionist”, though, which nowadays is much more dangerous to Jews than being “anti-semitic”…although there may not be much of a practical difference between the two.

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