Sarah Aroeste

Sarah Aroeste is an author as well as a singer/songwriter who has devoted her career to Ladino cultural preservation. Her upcoming English/Ladino Holiday Album, entitled ‘Together/Endjuntos’, will be released this Fall.

Articles by Sarah Aroeste

#WeNeedDiverseBooks -Jewish Edition: A New Kind of Children’s Book

First of its kind Ladino-English Jewish children’s book.

Our Dreams of Home

When I think of home, I imagine the physical space I return to at night, the one with the white-washed ...

The Gift of Generations: A Mother’s Song

Mom. Mommy. Ima. Madre. Mother. No matter how many ways I say it, the concept still catches me by surprise ...

Ladino Pregnant Pop

“Ensuenyo Te Vi” Three words that normally don’t go together: Ladino, Pop, Pregnant. But in my world they make a ...