Sephardic Culture is Jewish Culture: Why Ladino Matters

Ladino singer, Sarah Aroeste, makes the case for the importance of preserving Ladino language as a way of preserving an integral part of Jewish identity. She reveals how Ladino is more than just a language; it conveys and reflects the culture of many thousands of Sephardic Jews. In this talk, Aroeste explores Ladino’s historical roots and the impact of Sephardic culture on the world today. From Maimondes to Diane von Fustenberg, she highlights the vast impact of Sephardic Jews on the world, and implores us to keep their culture alive

Sarah Aroeste is an international Ladino singer/songwriter, author and cultural activist. Drawing upon her Sephardic family roots from Greece and Macedonia (via Medieval Spain), Aroeste is determined to help bring Judeo-Spanish culture to a new generation.

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