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TaNaKh: A New Translation of the Holy Scriptures According to the Traditional Hebrew Text (Jewish Publication Society).
Etz Hayim Torah and Commentary, by David L. Liebe (Rabbinical Assembly, 2001).
The Soncino Chumash, by Arthur Cohen (Soncino Press, 1947).
The Five Books of Moses, by Everett Fox (Schocken, 1995).
The Way Into Torah, by Norman J. Cohen (Jewish Lights, 2000).
Who Wrote the Bible?, by Richard Eliot Friedman (Harper San Francisco, 1997).
The Art of Biblical Narrative, by Robert Alter (Basic Books, 1983).
Studying the Torah: A Guide to In-Depth Interpretation, by Avigdor Bonchek (Jason Aronson, 1996).
A Torah Commentary for Our Times, by Harvey Fields (Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1998).
Genesis: The Beginning of Desire, by Avivah Zornberg (Jewish Publication Society, 1996).
Exodus: The Particulars of Rapture, by Avivah Zornberg (Doubleday, 2001).
The Great Torah Commentators, by Avraham Yaakov Finkel (Jason Aronson, 1996).
The Apocrypha, by E.J. Goodspeed (Vintage Books, 1989).
Josephus: Complete Works, by William Whiston (Hendrickson, 1987)
Works of Philo, by C.D. Yonge (Hendrickson, 1993).
The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English, by Geza Vermes, (Penguin, 1998).


Swimming in the Sea of Talmud, by Michael Katz and Gershon Schwartz (Jewish Publication Society, 1998).
The Talmud for Beginners, by Judith Z. Abrams (Jason Aronson, 1994).
The Talmud: Selected Writings, by Ben Zion Bokser (Paulist, 1989).
Rabbinic Stories, by Jeffrey L. Rubinstein (Paulist Press, 2002).
The Kehati Mishnah, by Pinhas Kehati (Feldheim).
Midrash, Mishnah, Gemara, by David HaLivni (Harvard, 1986).
Mind of the Talmud, by David Kraemer (Oxford).

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