Dor L’Dor
Offers software for children and adults for either in-classroom work or study at home for mainstream or special needs education environments

Hebrew Resources
Software tutorial teaches the entire Hebrew alphabet in 13 step-by-step lessons

Judaica Press
Offers a variety of applications, such as a Hebrew-English word processor, and a Hebrew reading program for children
Offers a wide range of Jewish computer software for entertainment, education, word processing, and productivity

Kabbalah Software
Sells a variety of Hebrew fonts for use with your own computer

Kinnor Software
Offers the Trope Trainer Hebrew prayer software, which helps Bar/Bat Mitzvah students with their Torah portions

Offers the Chant the Bible software program which helps individuals learn the craft of Bible chant

Lev Software
Sells Bible, Hebrew, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and prayer software
Offers Jewish software with Bible, Talmud, word processor and dictionary programs

Mitzvah Memories
Sells the Bar Mitzvah Planning software package, which is intended to help you in the planning of your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration

Rosetta Stone
Offers fully-interactive step-by-step Hebrew lessons either online or on CD-ROM

Offers a variety of Jewish software products, including Bible and Talmud study, and educational software

Jewish calendar software program available for download with many features

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