Dor L’Dor
Offers software for children and adults for either in-classroom work or study at home for mainstream or special needs education environments

Hebrew Resources
Software tutorial teaches the entire Hebrew alphabet in 13 step-by-step lessons

Judaica Press
Offers a variety of applications, such as a Hebrew-English word processor, and a Hebrew reading program for children
Offers a wide range of Jewish computer software for entertainment, education, word processing, and productivity

Kabbalah Software
Sells a variety of Hebrew fonts for use with your own computer

Kinnor Software
Offers the Trope Trainer Hebrew prayer software, which helps Bar/Bat Mitzvah students with their portions

Offers the Chant the Bible software program which helps individuals learn the craft of Bible chant

Lev Software
Sells Bible, Hebrew, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and prayer software
Offers Jewish software with Bible, , word processor and dictionary programs

Mitzvah Memories
Sells the Bar Mitzvah Planning software package, which is intended to help you in the planning of your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration

Rosetta Stone
Offers fully-interactive step-by-step Hebrew lessons either online or on CD-ROM

Offers a variety of Jewish software products, including Bible and Talmud study, and educational software

Jewish calendar software program available for download with many features

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