Ancient & Medieval History


Where do Jews come from?

Ancient Judaism 101

The religious, cultural and intellectual history of Judaism in ancient times.

Bar Kochba Revolt

Messianic figure Simeon Bar Kochba led the Jews in a failed revolt against Roman rule.


The quest to recapture the Holy Land.


From his day until the present, Rashi has been the most beloved of all medieval teachers.

Modern History


Of flying fiddlers & the gefilte fish line.

Modern History 101

In modern nation states, Jews began to ask: What does it means to be a citizen, and a Jew?

Frontier Judaism

How the market revolution helped bring Judaism to the American frontier.

The Crown Heights Riots

The outbreak of violence in 1991 was fueled by anti-Semitism.

Quiz Yourself

How much do you know about Jewish history since 1650?

Jews Around the Globe


Canada's multicultural society has shaped its Jewish community.


A history of the Baghdadi Jews--who actually lived in India, not Baghdad.


Piecing together legends and stories.


A weekend with the head of Morocco's Jewish community.

Anti-Semitism Today

Taboo no longer?

Themes in Jewish History

Jewish Memory

The Jewish people have a reputation of being history-centered.

Themes of Jewish History 101

Why does the scholarly study of the Jewish past engender controversy?

Critical Study of Jewish History

The academic study of Judaism, including the modern, critical study of Jewish history.

Texts Marking Time

The story of the Jewish people is often told in conjunction with the history of Jewish texts.


The Shoah in history, theology, memory, and culture.