Bronfman Vision Forum Presents: Judaism as Civilizations

Belonging in Age of Multiple Identities

At the Bronfman Vision Forum’s conference, “Judaism as Civilizations: Belonging in Age of Multiple Identities,” numerous scholas presented papers on the state of Jewish identity.  In cooperation with The Samuel Bronfman Foundation, MyJewishLearning published five of those essays, along with responses written by other experts. From Leon Wieseltier and Avraham Burg to David Novak and Dara Horn, the spectrum of Jewish life and thought was well represented. Read on for enlightenment.


Orthodoxy’s Power by Yehudah Mirsky
Response: Orthodoxy’s Limitations by Dara Horn

It’s Still Hard to Be a Jew by Enrique Krauze
Response: No, It’s Not That Hard to be a Jew by Gil Troy
  The Trend of Secularism by Rebecca Goldstein
Response: Secular Judaism is an Oxymoron by David Novak
  The World and Judaism by Avraham Burg
Response: A Critique of Avraham Burg by Benjamin Balint
  Language, Identity, and the Scandal of American Jewry by Leon Wieseltier
Response: Jewish America’s Cultural Vitality by Jenna Weissman Joselit




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