Weekly Torah Commentary

Becoming Every Brother’s Keeper

All humanity descended from one family.

Balaam Versus Pinchas

Pinchas saw the relationship of an Israelite and a Midianite as a curse--but perhaps he, like Balaam, could have turned it into a blessing.

Distance and Proximity

The story of King Balak and Balaam demonstrates that truly seeing others is what allows fears to dispel.

Responding to Thirst

Moses' frustration and fatigue were no excuse for his refusal to accept the people's cry for help.

Preparing for an Unknown Future

The Torah law about the red heifer was given because it anticipated the temporal nature and limitation of what Miriam had to offer.

Crises of Leadership

Are we more worried about our own egos than about the Jewish people as a whole?

Authority and Dissent

The Torah articulates norms about legitimate dissent and authority's reasonable response to it.

The Blue of the Ocean, the Sky and the Tzitzit

Our relationship with the Divine must also encompass a relationship with the world that surrounds us.

A Focus on the Here and Now

The nostalgic memories we have of the past may seem appealing -- but they require closer inspection.

Our Covenantal Responsibilities

This week's portion reminds us of our sacred obligations to those who are still languishing in oppression.