The Eichmann Trial

With the capture of a Nazi officer, discussion about the Holocaust entered the public realm.

Simon Wiesenthal (1908-2005)

Bringing Nazis to justice.

Passing Before God

Deepening our relationship with God reminds us of our smallness, our greatness, and the chance to be better.

Liberating Life

The High Holidays focus on death so that we may renew our lives.

Confronting Death, Finding Renewal

The emphatic message of the High Holidays: Change is possible.

Israel in Jewish Thought 101

Through centuries of exile, Jewish hopes and prayers were focused on the Promised Land.

Relationships 101

God's expectations of Jews, as portrayed in the Bible and rabbinic law, extend beyond the divine-human relationship to encompass many sorts of relationships between individual human beings as well.

Free Will in Judaism 101

Jewish tradition assumes that our actions are significant.

Jewish Business Ethics 101

Biblical and rabbinic sources emphasize regulation to prevent the weak from being exploited by the strong.

From Estrangement to Reconciliation

The High Holidays are but milestones on the journey toward renewal of our relationship with God.