Orthodox Halakhic Texts

Orthodox leaders responded to modernity by producing legal works on a variety of topics, in a variety of genres.

Conservative Halakhic Texts

The Conservative Movement's legal texts represent a contemporary attempt to make halakhah relevant and meaningful in a changing world.

Reform Halakhic Texts

Reform Judaism is more halakhic than you think.

The Making of a Torah Scroll

Written by hand, a sefer Torah is produced according to strict specifications.

Spirituality of Texts

Overcoming the "leprosy of fluency" so we can discover ever-greater insights in our textual study

What Midrash Teaches About the Rabbis

Midrash allowed the rabbis to explain and expand on the Torah--and in doing so, they revealed much about themselves.

The Rewards for Torah Study

Studying Torah--broadly construed to include almost all traditional Jewish learning--is valued by Jewish tradition as one of the most important activities for both children and adults.

Jewish Text Study Is Traditionally A Communal Activity

Reading Jewish texts is not just a religious act, it is an act of communal identification and communication.

Disputes that Unite

A lesson from the Talmud for today's Jewish community.

Jewish Texts

Is anything written by a Jew a Jewish text, and who decides?