sheva brachot

Planning the Right Jewish Wedding for You

How to make your wedding both authentically Jewish and personally meaningful.

Adapting the Sheva Brachot for Same-Sex Marriages

Tweaking the traditional rituals and blessings for LGBT wedding ceremonies.

How To Make Your Wedding Inclusive

10 tips for making families, friends and guests of all backgrounds feel comfortable and welcome on your big day.

Being a Guest at a Jewish Wedding: A Guide

From chuppah to glass-breaking, here's what to expect at Jewish nuptials.

The Seven Blessings (Sheva Brachot) for a Jewish Wedding

These blessings are recited under the huppah and at celebratory meals for a week afterward.

Jewish Weddings 101

The traditions, rituals and liturgy for Jewish weddings.

After the Wedding Ceremony

After the wedding, bride and groom retreat to a seclusion room, rejoin their guests for a festive meal, and then celebrate with friends and family for the next seven days.