second temple

12 Things To Know About the Temple in Jerusalem

On Tisha B’Av, Jews mourn the destruction of the Temple. But how much do you know about what it was really like?

Ritual Objects in the Jerusalem Temple

Menorah, altar, incense stand, showbread table, and more.

Tisha B’Av 2016

Tisha B’Av (the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av) begins at sunset on Saturday, August 13, and continues ...

What Is the Western Wall?

The last remaining wall of the ancient Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

Judaism after the Temple

Coping with destruction and building for the future.

Beit Dins and Sanhedrin

In the Second Temple period, a system of Jewish courts emerged.

Dead Sea Scrolls

Ancient documents give a glimpse into Second Temple life.

A Crash Course in Early Jewish History

From biblical times to the emergence of Rabbinic Judaism.