Science and Judaism

Judaism & Intelligent Design

Jewish scientists and leaders weigh in on the debate about intelligent design in the American public sphere.

Anthropological Studies of Judaism

Changes in anthropology--and in Jewish studies--have brought about a new field of inquiry in academia.

Major Themes in Anthropologies of Judaism

Anthropological studies of Judaism come to grips with some of the big themes in Jewish culture: the centrality of texts, the question of performance, and historical change.

Judaism and Sociology

Jews today can look to sociology of religion in addressing some of the hard questions facing the Jewish world.

Judaism and Anthropology

Jews and Judaism have influenced--and have been influenced by--modern anthropological inquiry.

Judaism and Psychology

Jews have engaged with and steered psychological inquiry since its inception.

Judaism and Social Sciences

Judaism and Social Sciences. Science and Judaism. Jewish Science. Jewish Ideas and Beliefs

Abraham Isaac Kook on Evolution

How evolutionary theory supports a mystical worldview.

Science and Creation: A Kabbalistic Approach

Modern cosmology meets traditional Jewish mysticism.