Rabbi Irving Greenberg

Yitzhak Rabin & The Ethic of Jewish Power

Lessons learned from the assassination

Jewish-Christian Dialogue: The Next Stage

Christians and Jews must rethink how they approach each other.

Jewish Pluralism & Peoplehood

A biblical model of reconciliation can help bring Jews and Christians together.

Liberating Life

The High Holidays focus on death so that we may renew our lives.

Confronting Death, Finding Renewal

The emphatic message of the High Holidays: Change is possible.

The Temple and its Destruction

A look into the psyche of ancient Judaism.

Holocaust Observances

Holocaust commemorations have--and should have--some common elements.

Early Proposals for Holocaust Commemoration

Would Yom haShoah be associated with other tragedies, connected to heroism--or stand on its own?

Setting a Date for Yom Hashoah

After much debate, a compromise date--satisfactory to none--is chosen.

Destruction As Punishment

Tradition gives a separate reason for the fall of each Temple.