Queen Esther

Psalm 22, Queen Esther and Us

The rabbis teach that Esther drew upon the words of Psalm 22 as she bravely went before King Achashverosh in an effort to save the Jews of ancient Persia.

Will the Real Esther Please Stand Up?

The heroine of the Purim story is portrayed in contradictory ways in the biblical book that bears her name.

The Esther/Vashti Purim Flag

The new tradition of waving a flag when Esther and Vashti's names are mentioned celebrates the triumph of these Purim heroines.

Vashti and Esther: A Feminist Perspective

The relationship between the two Persian queens is integral to understanding the Purim story.

Purim Queen

Holiday songs, pop style

The Evil Within

The Torah commands us to remember the Amalekites.

The Book of Esther’s Violent Ending

When an oppressed group massacres others.


Purim Roses, a festival Libyan dessert.

Purim International

After Esther & the king Thai-ed the knot, things got Chile in Persia.

West Side Tsorys, the Purim Prequel

A skit based on the famous musical, with a Jewish twist