Parshat Hashavua

Elevation or Obstacle?

The mountain in this week's Torah portion can be a place of spiritual growth or an impediment.

Inclusivity and Access

Reckoning with the exclusion of those with disabilities and illnesses from the Temple service.

Catch the Rhythm

The Jewish holidays can help those on the periphery gain access to the rhythm of Jewish life.

The Living Have Work to Do

Seeking meaning in the sudden deaths of Aaron's sons.

The Strangers in the Camp

Both the Israelite and the stranger are given equal status in the sacrificial cult.

Leper as Other

How to create a society that recognizes and meets the needs of ill and marginalized people.

Making Room for the Leper

When we embrace with one hand but push away with the other, it's the push that remains in lasting memory.

Lessons from the Pig

There is a lot to learn from the long tradition of Jewish aversion to pork.

From Regulation to Relation

Relationships between the individual and the Divine are indeed possible.

The Eternal Light

The sacrifices teach us about constancy in relating to God.