Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai

The grave of this second century rabbi is the site of a large annual pilgrimage.

Why The Mishnah Is the Best Jewish Book You’ve Never Read

This almost 2,000-year-old text flies under the radar -- but it's immensely important to Jewish life.

Mishnah and Tosefta

These two texts both shaped Rabbinic Judaism. But which came first?

Maimonides on Seder Zeraim

The sequence of the tractates in the Order

What Is the Talmud?

An intergenerational rabbinic conversation that is studied, not read.

Rabbi Yose

Early teacher of Jewish law and theology.

The Tosefta

An 'addition' to the Mishnah--or something else?

Who Were the Tannaim and Amoraim?

The great sages of the Mishnah and Talmud.


Jews and Christians read their own ideas about authority into this ancient legislative institution.

Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi

The editor of the Mishnah is one of the most significant figures in rabbinic Judaism.