Miriam the Prophetess

The sister of Moses and Aaron was an important part of the sibling team that led Israel out of Egypt and through the wilderness.

Remembering Miriam

A closer look at Moses's sister.

Power Sharing

The impacts of grassroots organizations and the division of power.


Moses's sister led the Israelite women in dance out of Egypt.

Jewish Dance

In the Bible, dance was an expression of joy, awe and worship.

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Miriam, whose death is recorded in Parashat Chukat, embodied the honor and glory of the women of Israel.

Miriam: Water Under The Bridge?

Miriam's death should motivate us to recognize people today who provide nurture and support.

God Hears, But What We Do Matters Most

Miriam and Aaron's criticism of Moses, and Miriam's punishment of leprosy teach lessons of sibling and communal responsibility.