Minor Fasts

Fasting Before Passover

The eve of Passover is the only fast day in the Jewish calendar that only applies to one segment of the Jewish community.

Tenth of Tevet

This fast commemorates the beginning of the end of the First Temple.

Collective Memory Today

Recent historical events have lead to new archetypes.

Collective Memory

Communal remembering was constructed on the basis of traditional Jewish archetypes.

The Fast of Esther

The fast that precedes the holiday of Purim.

Non-Fixed Fast Days

Judaism has communal fasts that are not on the yearly calendar and numerous occasions when individuals may choose to fast.

Fast Days: Synagogue Laws & Customs

Fast days are acknowledged in the synagogue liturgy.

Jewish Minor Fast Practices

Many of the stringent restrictions that apply on Tisha B'Av and Yom Kippur do not apply to the minor fasts.

Jewish Minor Fast Days

A brief description of all the minor fasts on the Jewish calendar.

Fast Days for Repentance & Atonement

The Jewish calendar has a number of such days in addition to Yom Kippur.