Prayers for Shavuot

What to look forward to in synagogue on Shavuot.

Guide to Jewish Holiday Prayers

What liturgy goes with which holiday, and where you can find it.

Adapting the Sheva Brachot for Same-Sex Marriages

Tweaking the traditional rituals and blessings for LGBT wedding ceremonies.

Words to the Shema and Its Blessings

Text in English for the Shema and the three blessings that accompany it.

Tefilat Haderech, The Traveler’s Prayer

A Jewish prayer that asks for a safe journey.

Kabbalat Shabbat

What happens during the Friday night prayer service.


A popular prayer with a controversial history.

Morning Blessings

A guide to the traditional Shachrit (morning) service.


The formal call to worship in morning and evening services.

Bedtime Shema

Asking God for peace and protection in this evening prayer.