Jewish Work and Commerce

Internet Privacy in Judaism

What customer information can we collect and sell?

The Right to Privacy in Judaism

Judaism values privacy, but it's unclear how much.

Jews and Taxes

Jewish ethics demand that we be scrupulous in paying taxes.

Ask the Expert: Jews and the Stock Market

Does Judaism allow high-risk investments and gambling?

Judaism and Stealing: What if it’s only a tiny theft?

The ways we justify theft cannot free us of its corrupting influence.

Work as a Jewish Spiritual Practice

Texts that address the issue of Jewish work.

Avodah: Vocation, Calling, Service

More than just means to make money, our jobs can be one vehicle for setting the world right.

Interest-Free Loans in Judaism

Jews have a tradition, based in biblical law, of interest-free lending, primarily--but not exclusively--to other Jews.

Balancing Work & Home in Judaism

Despite recognizing the value of work, Judaism insists that family must come first.

Jews & Globalization

Jews (not surprisingly) fall on different sides of the issue, but Jews and Israel have also been the target of anti-globalization anger.