Jewish History 539 BCE 632 AD

The Bar Kochba Revolt

Messianic figure Simeon Bar Kochba led the Jews in a failed revolt against Roman rule.

539 BCE to 632 CE: The Story

Overview of the basic story of Jewish history from 539 BCE through 632 CE.

Palestine Under Hasmonean Rule

The marriage of politics and religion contributed to both the expansion and destruction of this short-lived dynasty.

Hellenism & Judaism

Palestine goes Greek.

Palestine under Persian, Byzantine and Arab Rule

24 years, three empires, and one new faith in Palestine

Jews in Babylon

The original diaspora community.

Ancient Jewish Diaspora

During the Hellenistic and Roman periods, Jews established communities in new regions, from Antioch to Alexandria.

The Great Revolt

Jewish factions rebel against Roman rule in Palestine.

Herod the Great

Herod's rule accomplished a political and social revolution.

Building the Second Temple

The historical importance and practical history of rebuilding ancient Judaism's sacred center.