History of Holocaust

Who Was Anne Frank?

The story of the young diarist who became a symbol of the Holocaust.

Simon Wiesenthal (1908-2005)

Bringing Nazis to justice.

The Nuremberg Laws

Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor

VEDEM, Terezin 1942-1944

The secret magazine of the boys of Terezin.

After the Holocaust

Refugees and trials of the Nazis.

Ghettos Under the Nazis

During World War II, the Nazis established more than 400 ghettos for the purpose of isolating and controlling the Jews.

The Final Solution

How the Nazis planned and executed the systematic murder of European Jewry.

1939-1945: World War II

How the Nazis incorporated genocide into their conquest of Europe.

Nazi Germany 1933-1939: Early Stages of Persecution

How Hitler laid the groundwork for genocide.

Holocaust as History

An introduction to historical scholarship about the Holocaust.