Dreamers in Prison

Incarceration can be a tool of fear--not a place of rehabilitation.

Why Jacob Returns for His Small Vessel

Jacob views material possessions as essential and indispensable.

Praying in the Fields

For Isaac, praying in nature was a crucial element of worshipping the Divine.

Blessings for All

We no longer need there to be unchosen children.

The Stewardship Paradigm

Humanity's dominion over the earth must be for the sake of the Divine.

Knowing When To Sound the Gong

This week's portion calls for dialogue and accountability.

Ancient Israelites: Society & Lifestyle

Two main social structures competed in ancient Israel. The people were united under the monarchy, which organized the state for administrative and taxation purposes. At the same time, the Israelites held fast to their tribal associations.

Parashat Chayei Sara: Summary

Following the death of Sara, Abraham purchases a burial plot and sends his servant to find a wife for Isaac.

The Duality And Unpredictability Of Human Nature

The creation of humans and our variability expressed in Bereshit present us with endless choices and challenges for how to live our lives.

The Torah

Five books of story, law, and poetry divided into 54 weekly portions.