festival of booths

Sukkot 2014

Everything you need to know about Sukkot 2014.

Ask the Expert: Rain on Sukkot

How bad does the weather have to be for me to bail out of eating in the sukkah?

Sukkot for Families

Creative tips for the happiest time of the year.

History of Sukkot

This agricultural holiday dates back to biblical times and has evolved over time.

Ushpizin: Welcoming Guests

A ritual inviting symbolic guests into the Sukkah

Inviting People of All Religions to the Sukkah

Sharing Sukkot with people of different faiths

Inviting Jews of the World to the Sukkah

Jewish World Perspective of Ushpizin, Welcoming Guests to The Sukkah. Sukkot at Home. Festival of Booths. Jewish Holidays.

Inviting Jewish Foremothers to the Sukkah

A contemporary twist on the traditional ceremony.

Exile And Redemption

The Sukkah shelters a messianic ideal.

The Sukkot Paradox

Do walls make us secure or vulnerable?