Contemporary Jewish Marriage Issues

Double Ring Ceremonies

How the bride can give the groom a ring without halakhic (Jewish law) problems.

Toward a More Balanced Wedding Ceremony

Envisioning ceremonies that respect modern gender roles and adhere strictly to tradition.

Interfaith Weddings

Love can't always conquer--couples have difficult decisions to make when they embark on an interfaith marriage.

Are Egalitarian Jewish Weddings Possible?

A marriage tradition steeped in property law really has to stretch to be legally egalitarian.

Why I Do Officiate at Intermarriages

It's important for the non-Jewish spouse to support the Jewish partner's religious identity, live in a Jewish home, and bring up Jewish children.

Wedding Ceremony Merges Tradition and Egalitarianism

Traditional Jewish Egalitarian Ceremony. Contemporary Jewish Marriage Issues. Jewish Marital Relations. Jewish Lifecycle

Egalitarianism Confronts Kiddushin

Kiddushin and Egalitarianism. Contemporary Jewish Marriage Issues. Jewish Marital Relations. Jewish Lifecycle

Contemporary Wedding Issues

An overview of contemporary issues encountered in Jewish marriage: same-sex marriages, egalitarianism, prenuptial agreements, etc.

Prenuptial Agreements: A Good Solution to a Difficult Problem

Prenuptial marriage protection agreements that accord with halakhah, or Jewish law, can help secure a woman's freedom to remarry in case of a divorce.

The Ketubah: Evolutions in the Jewish Marriage Contract

Once a protection for women, the traditional ketubah has been critiqued by liberal Jews on several grounds.