Get Your Plots in Order

Abraham had to search for a grave when Sarah died. Our family was luckier.

How to Visit the Sick When You Can’t Visit the Sick

The biblical source of the commandment of bikkur cholim offers a clue.

Why We Start the Amidah By Blessing the Patriarchs

Opening this primary prayer by invoking our ancestors emphasizes that our relationships with our parents is a model for our relationship with God.

Faith Took Abraham Far — Love Took Him Even Farther

The first Jew is widely regarded as a man of faith, but he was also a man of deep love.

What Does It Mean To Be A Blessing?

Blessings are not meant to flow into us, but rather to flow through us.

Violence Against Women

Parashat Vayera offers many instances of abuse towards female biblical characters.

Living A Full Life

The deaths of Abraham and Sarah.

My Wife, My Sister

Three times in Genesis, wives are "passed off" as sisters.

The Akedah and Self-Sacrifice

God wants us to give of ourselves.