The 10 Most Popular Jewish Recipes of 2021

From sweet Hungarian coffee cake to Instant Pot brisket, these were our most crave-worthy dishes all year.

While the rest of the world was making the viral “Tik Tok feta pasta” and tortilla egg sandwiches, over here at The Nosher we were focused on a wider array of Jewish comfort foods. The pandemic may have interrupted travel, holidays and celebrations, but it didn’t interfere with the delicious things coming out of our kitchens. Here were the top ten recipes that you all — our Nosher audience — were making this year.

1. One-bowl apple Sharlotka cake

Our most popular recipe of the year was this classic Russian apple cake made all in one bowl. Perfect for Rosh Hashanah and apple season, it’s no surprise why this classic confection won over hearts and stomachs.

2. Masa tiganitas

Photo credit Talia Siegel

In this Sephardi version of matzah brei, matzah squares are soaked in milk, dipped in a combination of egg and yogurt and then fried in oil, making this dish the perfect way to start your day during Passover.

3. Bukharian rice and chicken (plov)

Who doesn’t love a good one-pot wonder, especially when it’s a classic Bhukarian plov (meat and rice pilaf). If you haven’t added this simple yet comforting dish to your dinner rotation, now is the time.

4. Mini potato kugels

Photo credit: Sonya Sanford

It’s hard to beat the perfection of a good potato kugel. Unless of course its these mini potato kugels baked in muffin tins, and you guys couldn’t get enough of them! These potato cuties are perfect for Passover, or really anytime you are hankering for some Ashkenazi potato comfort.

5. Instant Pot brisket

Photo credit: Aleksey Zozulya

Have you ever wished you could make mom’s perfect Jewish-style brisket, but in a fraction of the time? Then this recipe from cookbook author and YouTube personality Jeffrey Eisner is your wish come true.

6. Kolkata-style Jewish chicken curry

Photo credit Sonya Sanford

Inspired by the flavors of India and the Syrian and Iraqi Jews who settled in Kolkata, this simple but addictive chicken dish packs big sweet and savor flavors, which is why it is so beloved.

7. French onion brisket

Photo credit Matt Taylor-Gross

From Instagram sensation Jake Cohen’s debut cookbook, Jew-ish, this French onion brisket recipe draws inspiration from French onion soup. You’ll want to make it again and again.

8. Hungarian coffee cake (Aranygaluska)

Photo credit: Joe BaurDid y

Did you know the original monkey bread was actually this Hungarian coffee cake called Aranygaluska? Yeasted dough gets cut into balls, rolled in cinnamon sugar and layered with dollops of jam for the ultimate indulgence.

9. Matzah mac & cheese

Photo credit Sonya Sanford

This matzah mac & cheese is one our most popular recipes year after year, and it’s no surprise why: it’s easy to make and the ideal, cheesy dinner we’re craving during Passover.

10. Hungarian fried noodles and cabbage (Haluski)

Photo credit: Joe Baur

Fried noodles and cabbage (Haluski) may not seem like the sexiest dish on the planet, but we promise: this simple, Hungarian comfort food will have you coming back and again and again.

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