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Night Without End: The Fate of Jews in German Occupied Poland

Hosted By: YIVO

“Night Without End” is a study which focuses on the so-called third phase of the Holocaust in Poland. The phase, which began after the liquidation of the ghettos, and continued until the very end of the occupation. The authors of the book look at eight rural counties which, in the summer of 1942, contained a population of more than 110,000 Jews. Less than 2% of them survived the war and close to 70% of those who went into hiding, either perished at the hands of their gentile neighbors, or were turned in by them to the Germans. On the basis of Israeli, Polish, German, US and Russian/Ukrainian archives, the authors study the Jewish struggle for survival, the agency of the local populations, and the German genocidal strategies. The book, which provoked a furious reaction of the Polish nationalist authorities, has now been made available to the English-reading audience through the combined efforts of Yad Vashem and Indiana University Press.

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