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From Brokenness to Holiness: Engaging the Creative Mind to Heal the Wounded Will

Hosted By: Ritualwell

It is normal to feel a sense of brokenness these days. Whether your brokenness is a result of your struggle with this year’s political events, or due to separation from family, friends, or work; whether you experience the brokenness of having no childhood memories, or feel it in the shattered earth’s struggle to heal from misuse: whatever brokenness you experience, it is your will that suffers. It is the will that is drained to the point of exhaustion.

This immersion will take participants on a journey of exploring and employing intentional processes and practices to engage with brokenness. The goal is not to fix anything but rather to bring what the brokenness has revealed to a place of holiness in our lives. With the return to holiness we return to the energy of the will. We return to the energy of the creative.

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