My Mexican Pseudo-Shiva

Since my mom had a history of outliving her prognoses I assumed that this would be the case once again.

Where Do You Keep Your Safety Deposit Box?

As a rabbi, I am privileged to officiate at many life cycle events.  I become part of a family’s life ...

Spiritual Medicine

Jewish sages decided that intense mourning time should be seven days only.

When A Friend Dies

On extending Jewish mourning rituals to non-traditional mourners.

Falling into Community

In Jewish tradition, sitting shiva is a trust fall.

I’m Too Broken to Write This Blog

Rarely have I been so deeply affected, so deeply wounded inside, so utterly shattered.

A Tale of Two Tragedies

Israel is the most uplifting place in the world, and on my trip there last week I felt the usual ...

An Unorthodox Shiva Minyan

The important thing is not how many separate injunctions are obeyed but how and in what spirit we obey them. ...