Jewish identity

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You Can’t Hide From Your Jewish Self

Eventually, your identity becomes undeniable - and that's awesome.

Honor Non-Jewish Parents of Jewish Kids

Once the interfaith family exists, alienating families that are interfaith but committed to raising Jewish children is not good for Judaism.

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What makes a Southern Jew different from a Northern Jew?

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What We Are Not Asking When We Talk About Intermarriage

Monday in the JTA, Rabbi Seymour Rosenbloom published an op-ed in which he argued that it was time that Conservative rabbis officiate ...

Friday Night Lights Vs… Friday Night Lights

“Where’s your family?” A friendly “old timer” asked me at Friday night services a couple of weeks ago. When you’re ...

Judaism, A House Divided Against Itself

There was a time when the Jewish community spoke with one voice. The Talmud records the role of the Resh ...

A Tale of Two Little Girls and of Two Little Nations – Holding Hands

Two girls holding hands, tightly, or so it seems. They’re about ten years old. The two of them, one tall ...