Divorce Quiz

What are the details of ending a Jewish marriage?

What are the details of ending a Jewish marriage? What contemporary concerns figure into the discussion?

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What is halitzah?
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True or false: If the court is unable to convince him, the beit din cannot mandate a divorce if the husband refuses to give the wife a get.
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True or false: The Mishnah lists a series of circumstances when a woman can ask the rabbinic court to compel her husband to perform the acts required for a divorce.
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What is the ceremony called in which a childless widow's brother-in-law is released from his obligation to marry his late brother's wife?
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True or false: Orthodox rabbis have almost completely eradicated the agunah problem.
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Which of these details does NOT appear on a traditional get?
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During the divorce ritual, what does the man do to officially declare that the woman is free to remarry?
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Once divorced, is a couple allowed to remarry each other, according to Jewish law?
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Is a civil divorce accepted as fully dissolving a marriage?
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What is an agunah?

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