Public Displays of Hanukkiyot

A modern phenomenon that draws on basic Hanukkah beliefs.

Sara Levi-Tanai

Taking ancient Yemenite moves to create modern dances.

Meet the Orthodox Rabbi Advocating for Trans Inclusion

In this article, we share excerpts from an interview with an Orthodox rabbi who is an ally and advocate for Jews who are transgender.

Who Taught You to Pray?

Prayer is a natural part of human existence, requiring neither a belief system nor even instruction about how to do it.

Sex and Modern Orthodox Singles: Between Halakha and Reality

I was a Girl Scout for ten years, from 3rd-12th grade. I learned how to start a fire, cook for ...

Know Your Audience

One problem with writing, as opposed to speech, is that one can’t use voice inflections. This creates a particular issue ...

Humility in Judaism

Being humble is one of the key traits that Judaism values.

Sustenance from the Source

City living can cause social fragmentation and environmental degradation.