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The Artisanal Matzah You Won’t Want to Pass Over This Year

The Matzah Project makes matzah you'll want snack on all year round.

Remember last year’s artisanal matzah craze? Everything from handmade shmura matzah to highly-addictive everything bagel topped matzah flew off the shelves like hotcakes! Finally, fun and fancy matzah are back, and this year, you can get your hands on some!

The Matzo Project is the leader of the matzah-snacking movement, and they’re back on the scene with matzah so good that they’re permanently housed in the cracker section. It’s not ‘kosher for passover,’ but that’s beside the point.

Inside the Matzo Project bakery.
Inside the Matzo Project bakery.

Founded by summer camp friends Ashley Albert and Kevin Rodriguez, The Matzo Project brings a much-needed alternative to this flavorless ritual staple. They top their crunchy, sturdy crackers with salt, cinnamon, or everything bagel spice to make matzah that you’d want to nosh on any time of year. Even their packaging is worth chatting about–matzah boxes depict spunky Jewish grandmas saying things like, “Would it kill you to try something new?” and the bag of matzah chips assures you they’re “baked not fried, bubbaleh.” Who knew matzah could be so sassy?

The fun doesn’t stop here, though. Manishevitz is making Matzah S’mores kits (quick, enter our giveaway!), and the granddaughter of the founder of Streit’s released a cookbook that will make you want to cook with matzah long after Passover (yes, really!). If Michele Streit’s recipe for Matzah Tiramisu doesn’t convince you, we’re not sure what will.

Chips and matzah by The Matzo Project
Chips and matzah by The Matzo Project

So what do you think? Is matzah the ultimate snack food? Share your favorite Passover snacks with us by tagging your photos with @thenosher and #noshthis!

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