Ketubot 67

Just can't get enough.

Latkes, Latkes, Latkes

–Malayasian Latkes. (J.) -Judy Bart Kancigor tells “the real secret of my very crisp latkes…Use a serving spoon to scoop ...

The Journey Home

For Jews, home is elusive. And that might be precisely the point. 

Ketubot 65

One cup of wine is good for a woman.

Zaftigs in Boston Is All About Classic Deli Food and Curvy Jewish Matriarchs

And they are serving up bowl after bowl of Nanny Fanny's chicken soup.

Green Latkes

A more nutritious take on latkes.

Latkes for Breakfast?

I love Hanukkah, but more than celebrating the holiday with friends and family, I relish the excuse to break out ...

Latke Alternatives

I love potatoes and I love most things fried, but honestly, I have a hard time getting down with latkes. ...

Potato Latkes

A recipe for potato pancakes.