Green Latkes

A more nutritious take on latkes.

Latkes for Breakfast?

I love Hanukkah, but more than celebrating the holiday with friends and family, I relish the excuse to break out ...

Latke Alternatives

I love potatoes and I love most things fried, but honestly, I have a hard time getting down with latkes. ...

Potato Latkes

A recipe for potato pancakes.

What is a Latke?

Pronounced either lot-key or lot-kuh, the origin of the word is Yiddish and means something along the lines of "little oily thing."

Cheese Latkes

Cheesy and delicious, it's the perfect dairy latke.

Giving Voice

Countless moments in the Bible demonstrate the raw power of voice, divine and human, to heal or destroy. 

Vegan Latkes for Hanukkah

If you are looking for an egg-free and dairy-free version of your favorite potato latkes, look no further!

Cajun Potato Latkes

Spice up your Hanukkah dinners.

Sweet Potato Latkes

An exciting update to your favorite potato pancakes.